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When I die, how will you celebrate me?

Gastprof. Susanne Stauch, Institute for Process and Product Design joins forces with the Re.designing Death Movement and costume designer & dance pedagogue Sabine Schneider to invite you to create fitting funeral rituals for 21st century humans.

After thousands of years of diverse rituals stemming from pagan & magical origins, the church took the helm for a while, especially in western culture. But since the decline of religious practises in secular society during the 20th Century, rites and rituals that were imbibed through religion have been lost. Lacking guidance and structure, we can find ourselves with no real idea of how to celebrate the key moments of our lives. The recent rise in interest around funerals is merely a symptom of this phenomenon.

As Focault postulates, being the emotional and social creatures we are, we’re in desperate need of this rite of passage.

Susanne Stauch, Gastprof IPP
Sabine Schneider, Dipl. Des. Mode/Kostüm & Tanzpädagogik
Virginie Gailing, Death Movement

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