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Social structure: Time | Reality

During this week we will research and experience how time and reality interact with social structures, and how this interaction shapes our collective behaviours.

There are three main angles of this workshop, presented by the three lecturers: the historical development of the time system UTC by Elisa Storelli, the physical oscillation and resonance used to tick time by Constantin Engelmann, and Vilém Flusser’s concept on the correlation between language and reality by Anita Jóri.  

These introductions will be complemented by some practical exploration of time perception, e.g. a yoga class that raises body temperature and slows down the sense of time and a direct experience of a sci-fi time system developed by the artists.

We will discuss time, reality and society and invent our own collective Time System, based on the experience we will have as a group. 


Constantin Engelmann (Visuelle Kommunikation)
Anita Jori (Visuelle Kommunikation)
Elisa Storelli (Bildende Kunst)


Grunewaldstr. 2-5, Raum 208 (Vilém Flusser Archiv)
Beginn: 6.1.2020 um 11 Uhr




deutsch / english