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The yellow code on the previous slide is equivalent to the following announcement for the project „THE NEW ALPHABET“ at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) Berlin:
„Are binary code, algorithms, and DNA the alphabets of today? The current explosion of knowledge is accompanied by the segmentation of the world into the smallest units. The binary code – with only two elements the greatest abstraction of the alphabetical principle – makes the polymorphism of the analog calculable. Projects in synthetic biology and artificial intelligence are based on an interpretation of life as code that can be decrypted and thus manipulated. How objective are data? How do they reproduce existing structures of power and property? What is suppressed? Who dominates the new order of knowledge? And which ethical questions are raised by these alphabetizations? What happens between 1 and 0?“

In our Kollisionsprojekt we will explore „THE NEW ALPHABET“ together.
We will experience the artistic practices presented, and the theoretical concepts broached by „THE NEW ALPHABET“.

On that basis, participants of our Kollisionsprojekt will develop artistic, theoretical or essayistic works related to „THE NEW ALPHABET“ and the questions raised by it.
Participation in the Kollisionsprojekt will entail the attendance and subsequent discussion of events by „THE NEW ALPHABET“ at HKW.



Franziska Wildt (freie Künstlerin)
Baruch Gottlieb (Medienkünstler/Kulturwissenschaftler)


Hybrid Lab, Villa Bell,
Marchstraße 8,
10587 Berlin

Beginn: Montag, 7.1.2019 um 10 Uhr






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Baruch Gottlieb is a participating artist/theoretician in THE NEW ALPHABET! He is also trained as a filmmaker at Concordia University Montreal, has a doctorate in digital aesthetics from the UdK Berlin. He is active member of the Telekommunisten, Arts & Economic Group and laboratoire de déberlinisation artist collectives. Author of ‘Gratitude for Technology’ (ATROPOS 2009), ‘A Political Economy of the Smallest Things’ (ATROPOS 2016), and Digital Materialism (Emerald 2018). He currently lectures in philosophy of digital art at the University of Arts Berlin and in cybernetic aesthetics at the TU Cottbus. Gottlieb also works as a curator of exhibition, convenor of symposia and large scale event and festival director. He is curator of the exhibition series ‘Flusser & the Arts’ – which has been presented at ZKM, Karlsruhe, AdK Berlin, West Den Haag and GAMU Prague – and ’FEEDBACK: Marshall McLuhan and the Arts’ which has been presented in Den Haag, Leipzig and Berlin. He is also founder and director with Ji Yoon Yang of SFX Seoul Sound Art Festival which will have its 11th anniversary in 2018.
Franziska Wildt is a visual artist and philosopher, currently pursuing her Phd in aesthetics. She has previously taught at Studium Generale during Kollisionswoche, as well as at the Goethe University Frankfurt. Her art works have i.a. been exhibited at KW (Kunstwerke, Berlin), Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin), the Museum of Photography (Berlin), LeRoy Neiman Gallery (New York), MMK (Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt), Frankfurter Kunstverein, and Filmmuseum Frankfurt. She has received the
CAA (Contemporary Arts Alliance) scholarship, was invited to the Festival Of Young Talents Frankfurt, the European Youth Art Biennial in Fortezza, Italy, and has participated in the ACAF Artist-in-residence program in Shanghai/Beijing. She studied art, philosophy and psychology at UdK Berlin, Staedelschule Frankfurt, Goethe University Frankfurt, and Columbia University in New York.


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