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The Resonating Body

We all know the sound a cheap plastic raincoat makes, that particular sound when we move or it rub against itself and what we are wearing.

Or do we know it? How does it sound exactly, how can we describe it? Is their even one specific sound to a raincoat, or are we just sharing some collective fictional understanding of what a raincoat sounds like?

Sound-design is used in almost every aspect of design today, from cars to crackers, but still the textile- and fashionworld seems to be behind on this subject. Considered that sound and soundassociation is in so close relation to emotional memory and identity, but also how we understand clothing and fabrics.

The raincoat as an object, has not only its functional importance, but is also a strong symbol as a cultural object. A raincoat in a film noir, the fisherman, the fetishist, the outdoor activity, childhood.

The workshop is divided into two parts;

Part one; Sound and Movement

Trough research and recording of various movements, we are going to determine how one specific type of raincoat sounds.

Part Two; Transforming Sound

Divided in to groups of three to five students from different institutes, the aim of the second part of the project is to either Amplify, Transform or Delete the sound of the raincoat. You can either do this through technological or analogue approach.

Each roup is asked to:

  • think of associations we have with raincoats (weather – film noir – fishermen – fake film studio rain – Akira Kurosawa japanese director – England – droopy England in film; Withnail and I – old ladies with raincoats umbrella and plastic head scarf – cheap – sweat etc etc.
  • make up a character that relates to these associations with rain (or opposite of course)
  • Imagine what that character; does, wears, moves, sounds and looks like.
  • produce the raincoat sound and performance


The final presentation

Each group has the rest of the week to prepare fort he final presentation.

The new sounds will be recorded and archived.

The final presentation will be a short performance where each “new” raincoat will be presented trough movements. Also a short “behind the scenes” film will be made to accompany the performance.




Mads Dinesen

Prof. Valeska Schmidt-Thomsen, Fak 2 / IEBT / Modedesign

Prof. Marloes ten Bhömer, Fak 2 / IEBT / Modedesign

Prof. Florence von Gerkan, Fak 4 / Kostümbild