Achtung: das ist ein Archiv der Kollisionen bis 2021. Aktuelle Informationen zu Veranstaltungen findet ihr hier (externer Link).

Public Movements

Choreography / Architecture / Art

How can we intervene in a public context so as to shift the meaning, use and power relations of that space? There are existing languages of public actions from both the arts and political revolutions we can draw from. Taking the literary model of correspondence as a way to structure our own public movements, we will listen for responses and establish an exchange with our public.

Working collaboratively, we will use movements (public actions) of voices, bodies and objects to intervene in various public contexts in the neighborhood around the KuLe Theatre. With these movements we will simultaneously address and shift the dynamics of the spaces we engage with. We will devise a number of public movements for the same context, each time listening for responses and addressing them in turn.




Alex Martinis Roe, Graduiertenschule UdK

Britta Wirthmüller, HZT