Achtung: das ist ein Archiv der Kollisionen bis 2021. Aktuelle Informationen zu Veranstaltungen findet ihr hier (externer Link).

Solarpunk and the New Weird – an uncreative field trip exploring new futures

The world has turned weird. Which asks for new narratives to take on, explore and celebrate weirdness.In our Kollisionswoche, we will examine the boundaries of weird imaginaries and their role for constructing strange futures.

Following the aesthetics and ideas of two young genres of speculative fiction: Solarpunk and the New Weird, we will come up with strange experiments, untold experiences, and unforeseen future fictions. 

In our one week seminar we will experiment with different (un)creative methods to explore the boundaries of strangeness (e.g. generative writing, design fiction, automatic thought). We will read Solarpunk stories alongside weird fictions, recombine them and create new narratives. We will explore our surroundings and weave the input back into our futures. This one week workshop explores the normality of the weirdness. 

All results will be displayed in an Instagram gallery at the end of the week.


Rafael Dernbach / independent researcher, Director Emerging Narratives bei Fischer Appelt AG
Wenzel Mehnert / Gesellschafts- und Wirtschaftskommunikation






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Foto: “Everybody Just Cool Out” 
A Message from the Ancient Future by Dan Meth

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