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“artists don’t make no art, they make catalogs”


Publications are essential to the artist’s survival.
Textual envelopes, Strategic mind bombs, self-proclamation of importance, anthology, apology or provocation, catalogs are pure “status statements”. Throwable, exchangeable, copyable, they’re everything the work is not; but the work couldn’t exist without them. What is a catalog? What does it do to the art?
Can it take over it? Cannibalise it? Replace it?

We want to ask questions.
We want to explore the catalog as en experience and an entity. Shall we catalog catalogs?
…and how can we use them, not only to show art, but to make it?

We have more questions.
How should a work of art exist beyond itself?
How should it be recorded, photographed, mediated, commented, explained, presented? How should it fit the white cube? How should it fit the white page, the web page, the white scroll? How should one talk or write about it?

Why does it all matter?

How is the re-medialisation of an artwork transforming the work;
its nature, its depth, its surface, its discourse, its position, its aesthetics?
How does the design process of a catalog modify the perception of an artwork?

Guest lecturers Antje Stahl ( Journalist, Monopol, Frankfurter Allgemeine) , Brigitta Homburger ( Art Director, Agentur Lambl/Homburger ) and prof. Timothee Ingen-housz ( audiovision @ gwk) invite you to debate, to play, to tinker, and to create the first Katalogwerkstatt.



Prof. Timothee Ingen-Housz, F2, GWK
Brigitta Homburger, freie Designerin


Projektvideo der Präsentation